Grameena Seva Centre is One Stop Solution Provider for all Common Services. And it is Providing Services across India. It will make achieving your Goals and succeed in Business.

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Benefits what you get

All India e-Commerce Companies/Vendors/Online Service Providers/Professionals

Grameena Seva Centre is an Information, Online Service Assistance Centre and Online Shopping Centre which works at the ground level ensuring last mile delivery of all Online Services and Products to Ultimate Customer in record time with high quality of ethics and integrity.

Grameena Seva Centres act both as online service assistance centre and ordering/booking point for products and services. Any individual wanting to scoop the benefits of Online Services and Online shopping at its lower price ranges from traditional market can walk into or get in touch with our Grameena Seva Centre Franchise.

We welcome all India e-Commerce Companies, Vendors, Online Service Providers, professionals to register themselves on our portal or send enquiry for enlisting.

Merchant /Service Provider Benefits

  • Single registration for multiple vertical based entries on portal
  • Single registration and multiple visibility based on specialization and other SEO based
  • Continuous updates on product or Services campaigns launched periodically on the portal.
  • Special subsidized fees for product or services displays, demos, launch and activities at registered Grameena SevaCentre with support staff on choice and payment basis can be booked online through central reservation system.
  • Complete marketing support on paid basis provided at the Grameena Seva Centre locally.
  • All good customer experiences recorded voluntarily adding to their customer database and service loyalty.
  • Promotes products and services at special prices through portal, local manpower, schemes to reach out to maximum customers.
  • High possibility for quick growth and stable business subject to quality of services and products.

Grameena Seva Centre Benefits to CUSTOMERS / CONSUMERS

  • Great selection, Online Services & Online Shopping assistance.
  • Q-LINK – Quick and easy access upto 150 listed services.
  • Each product category to have several Brands.
  • Each service to be provided with customer testimonials in due course for satisfaction of service.
  • Localized Service on a Press of BUTTON.
  • No long quest and waiting for hours for any service.


This is a great opportunity for individuals, budding entrepreneur, organizations, Groups, internet centres, shops, community centres/associations etc. to take up a venture that fulfils a vital social need and has great potential.

Any Individual / Group / Organization willing to register with Grameena Seva Centre as a franchise to open fully automated Online Service Assistance Provider and One Stop All Shop Local Solution Facilitator.

  • 100-200 sqft shop/office area on ground floor (Owned / Rented)
  • Residential area with good density of population
  • Registration fee depending on area/ location (optional services extra)
  • Require computer, printer and internet facility etc.,
  • Working capital amount for promotion and wallet top up to do operations/services
  • Total devotion to customer service
  • Focused, working for the sake of customers, employees and family.

Invest in Yourself, Your Community, & Your Future


  • Self employment generation scheme
  • Opportunity to be an Entrepreneur
  • Opportunity to provide 1-2 direct employment opportunities
  • Recognition in your locality, bringing people together, creating awareness
  • Futuristic business, quick growth
  • Sets up ONE STOP ALL SHOP LOCAL SOLUTION FACILITATOR “A journey of customer service to achieve customer delight”
  • A goodwill based business which always grows with CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE OPTIMIZATION.
  • He is looked up to as a local guide, philosopher and friend for any products or services and quickly picks up popularity.
  • For excellent services provided he will always be admired among local population and among the national level players wanting to launch any new product or services.